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  • IC〓T development ■b

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    ration and co○mmon development."It●'s my hope a■nd belief ○that more an〓d more Chin◆ese enterp●rises will foll●ow the example of Hu■awei by bringing● their best pr●oducts and service■s to Indonesia, earn○estly fulfilling t●heir corporate so○

    cial respons■ibility, str◆iving to be

  • and n〓ational campu

    a ○good corporate〓 citizen and ◆making greater ○contributio◆n to Indonesia's eco○nomic and soci●al progress〓," the ambassado■r said.He added that○ China now is Indone●sia's largest trad■ing partner○ for 6 consecu◆tive years an○d investmen●t

    from Chi●nese mainl●and has increas●

  • ses,◆ Haosheng 〓ad

    ed by a staggering o●f 324 percent to re■ach 2.7 billion d◆ollars, rai■sing China fr■om the 9th to ●the 3rd largest for●eign investor in Ind◆onesia.Indonesi◆an Informatic◆s and Communicatio◆ns Minister Rudi●antara sai■d that ICT develo◆pment

    is essenti○al in Indone〓sia at pres■e

ded.Speaking in h◆is turn to

nt as the○ country is◆ pursuing dig〓ital technolog■y-supported econo〓my in the futu

●re by develop●ing e-commerc●e basis operat○ion in most of◆ daily life aspects ●with 180 billion dol●lar worth of transa●ctions were expected○ by 2020."Ther〓e will be 2,000 ●students task■ed to hone up ICT

■skills in ●the country a●nd in foreign coun●tries as wel〓l, in

cluding in◆ China. This is〓 part of our effort●s to catch up wit◆h digital technol〓ogy," the mi○nister said〓 to address the even○t held in Indonesia ■technology

and ■research bureau ■premises.He〓 added that his min○istry is now tas◆ked

to assure I●CT becomes〓 the main driv?/p>

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